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Hall current sensor,fluxgate current sensor
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What You Should Know About Electricity Sensors
Aug . 04 . 2021
Electricity sensor is a device that converts the measured electrical parameters (such as current, voltage, power, frequency, power factor and other signals) into DC current, DC voltage, and isolates and outputs analog or digital signals.
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How to Reduce Residual Current Sensor Failure
Aug . 02 . 2021
In order to reduce the frequency of failure of the residual current sensor and prolong its service life, there are many details that need to be paid attention to when using it.
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Employee July Birthday Party
Jul . 31 . 2021
Just as July, we ushered in the July employee birthday party. We got together and engraved good times in the name of birthday.
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How to Install DC Current Sensor Correctly
Jul . 30 . 2021
The DC current sensor is a reliable and technologically advanced DC high current measuring instrument, which is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, carbon and other industries.
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The Sharing of the Experience of Using the Power Sensor for Novices
Jul . 30 . 2021
Power sensors are mainly suitable for automatic control and remote control fields to realize real-time online data monitoring.
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