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How to Reduce Residual Current Sensor Failure

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Update time : 2021-08-02 17:28:16
Residual current sensor has the characteristics of high precision and small phase error. It can measure AC residual current, current, power and electric energy. It can be connected to various high-precision digital multimeters or data loggers. It is very convenient to use and is usually installed in correction device for residual current, high-order harmonic current, online AC current, electric energy and power factor. At the same time, it can be installed in small phase detection and analysis instrument, industrial control device, data recorder, oscilloscope and harmonic analyzer.
In order to reduce the frequency of failure of the residual current sensor and prolong its service life, there are many details that need to be paid attention to when using it. Let's talk about it in detail below.
1. Pay attention to the auxiliary power information on the product label, the auxiliary power level and polarity of the transmitter cannot be connected wrongly, otherwise the transmitter will be damaged;
2. When the current direction is the same as the arrow marked on the product shell, the positive output can be obtained;
3. The temperature of the primary side bus bar should not exceed 60℃, and when the current bus bar fills the primary side threading hole, better measurement accuracy can be obtained;
4. There is no lightning protection circuit inside this series of transmitters. When the input and output feeders of the transmitter are exposed to the harsh outdoor environment, attention should be paid to take lightning protection measures;
5. The transmitter is an integrated structure and cannot be disassembled. At the same time, collision and falling should be avoided;
6. Do not damage or modify the product label, logo, do not disassemble or modify the transmission.
The user needs to have a certain understanding of it before using it, hoping to help everyone use the device better.
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