Efficiency measurement of electric vehicle (EV) quick charging pile

Electric vehicles have received attention on environmental issues. Therefore, the energy consumption of fast chargers that are indispensable for popularizing electric vehicles has also become the object of measurement evaluation.

Key points
·The quick charger converts the three-phase AC 220V power supply into a DC 500V output to charge the electric vehicle. The charging data record and charge efficiency test can be monitored by a power analyzer.

·  In the three-phase current input and direct current output of the quick charger, 4 high-precision current transducers are respectively connected to achieve accurate measurement of the charger charging current data.

 Recommended configuration:
         Power analyzer: 1 set
         High-precision current transducer: 4 sets
         Transducer power box: 1 set
         Voltage test line: 4 sets

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