Portable AC/DC Standard Meter

As a new generation of standard meter, HANGZHI PSM-series portable AC and DC standard meter adopts a brand-new design, which can simultaneously measure single-phase AC and DC voltage, current, frequency, phase, active power, active energy, etc. The degree of high-order harmonic distortion (up to 63 harmonics) can be detected as well.


HANGZHI PSM-series products are widely used in metrology research institutes, government inspection agencies and other metrology fields for the measurement and verification of single-phase AC and DC voltmeters, ammeters, electric energy meters and power meters. And they can also be applied in power system, power plants, substations, maintenance and management work in data center, etc.


Product modelCurrent Measuring Range (A)Voltage Measuring Range(V)AccuracyProduct Specifications
PSM600DC 600 / AC 424DC 1000 / AC 707DC 0.02% / AC 0.05%


PSM1000DC 1000 / AC 707DC 1000 / AC 707DC 0.02% / AC 0.05%


PSM1500DC 1500 / AC 1000DC 1000 / AC 707DC 0.02% / AC 0.05%


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